Words and more words

I love words. It’s simple, some words just convey everything. I have favorite words and some not so favorite words. Currently, my favorite word is epiphany. I revel in the epiphanies in my life. Mostly they come from God and occasionally when my blonde hair kicks in I have some epiphanies that aren’t God inspired. You are probably asking what is an epiphany, right? Well, the teacher in me says “Go look it up!” but the friend in me says “Okay, I’ll tell you.” So I’ll just tell you. An epiphany is a sudden insight or revelation. This is one of my favorite words for a reason. First and foremost, God sends epiphanies quite often to me. It’s how He talks to me. I have friends who say that he speaks to them slowly and over time. Not me. He usually hits me with it pretty quick – as in I usually don’t see it coming. This works for me though. He gets my attention, reminds me how much he loves me, redirects me to what’s right, or simply refocuses me on the Truth!

Another reason I love the word epiphany is because I love to read and write. In order to be a good writer, you’ve got to bring me to that moment of sudden revelation. BUT, you must let me figure it out! Whatever you do don’t tell me what the sudden revelation is — I will get it. Just point me in the right direction. (If you love epiphanies read Peace Like A River or any book by Deeanne Gist.) My writing often focuses on epiphanies or at least contains a character that experiences one. In fact, I expect that many of my posts will be centered around personal epiphanies.

Finally, the word just sounds cool. I love the pop and slide of it. (Poetic moment emerging here. Must take a moment to relish in it.) This all brings us back around to my love of words – I’m a poet a heart. I love the chance to say something life-changing and radical and be forced to restrict it to only most profound and perfect words.

Well, I’ll linger no more on that thought. I would love to hear about your favorite words. I might even add them to my list.


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