School starts back in less than two weeks. YIKES! I can honestly say this year I’m really struggling with the desire to go back. I’m actually dreading it. Overwhelmed is probably the perfect word. This year I will have my very first intern ( one I’m not so sure about mind you– not one of those interns you can let loose in your classroom and know everything will be alright), I’ll be teaching six classes instead of 5 (translate 25 more papers to grade and 1 hour less to do it each day), AND I’ll be co-teaching three days a week. Now to some this sounds like “Hey, some extra help!” In some ways that’s true; however, it would be like sharing the kitchen when you’ve been the only chef for the past seven years. All in all, I’m struggling with the relinquishment of power. I like running my classroom and so far been pretty successful. Now, I’ve got to change and I’ll be honest: I DON’T WANT TO! It’s too much work and I just want it to be easy. (I don’t know why I expect things to be easy as they RARELY are in my life.)

Side note: I’m also a little concerned that God is taking me in a new direction — out of the classroom maybe. I don’t really know and as much as I love a new adventure, it is always a little scary to brave out into the unknown. My unsettled heart is a definite indication that He’s changing something. I know I’ll do what He’s gonna ask me to do, I just hate the waiting and the figuring it out. Anybody else like that?

One final note that mostly will make sense to the Ecuador crew. The book is in the beginning stages. I can honestly say that I’ve taken steps to fulfill one destiny that God has for me. I’m excited and God is building my confidence everyday. I don’t feel like I’m just “playing with the wax” anymore 🙂


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  1. RhoDelta

    I’m so glad you are working on your destiny! New directions and the unknown are scary. You’ll do wonderful in any direction that God takes you in. I’m praying for you!


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