Successful First Day

So the kiddies and I headed out the door this morning for day #1 of 180 this year.  Both were so excited that they actually talked to one another (in a civil manner) all the way to school.  The energy in the car was palpable  and I was glad.  Who wants to take screaming kids to school? Not me.  Anyway, both hopped out of the car and went merrily on their way to class.  I, on the other hand, did not skip so merrily to my office.  

It’s not that I dreaded work today but it seemed different.  I have to say I was the opposite of stressed out — sorry Rho.  I was almost chilled out and apathetic.  Up until a few weeks ago, I was dreading school and my job, but now it’s almost a go with the flow attitude.  (Hopefully, no one student will interrupt that flow.)  You know that peace that passes understanding – it was my friend today.  Although I know that I’m in some sort of transition period and not sure where I’m going or what I’m feeling, I’m completely at ease and focused on where I am currently.   
Isaiah 26:3 says that God “will keep in perfect peace all who trust in HIM, all whose thoughts are fixed on HIM!” The  past three weeks have sent me straight to  His side and my thoughts have been COMPLETELY focused on Him because of my situation.  He truly has taken a heart in turmoil and replaced it with  the peace that passes this girl’s understanding.
If your mind is in turbo fueled by worry, find a verse that reaffirms all that God is and FOCUS on that each time your mind wants to go back to that turbulent thinking.  He will give you his peace and you won’t even be able to explain why your so calm about the chaos that revolves around you.  He will be your strength and your sanity 🙂

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