Little Boy No More

So my son hopped in the car this afternoon and preceeded to have the following convo with me.

“Mom, everyone is worried about the 5th grade dance.”
 “Why, isn’t that dance at the end of the school year?” I responded nonchalantly.
“Because it’s hard to get a date.”  he replied.
Suppressing so many emotions here: laughter, sadness, nostalgia, fear, etc.  I responded back, “Oh, I didn’t realize it was that tough.”
With a sigh, he added, “Well, if I have to ask someone in my class, I’m gonna ask _____.” (gotta leave out the name to protect the little  fellow)
In Mommy wisdom, “I’m pretty sure you could ask anyone in fifth grade if you wanted to.”
“Oh.” Pauses for a moment to think of someone else he’d like to invite.  “Well, I don’t even know how to dance.”
“That’s okay buddy. I can teach you some moves.”  I say with a smile.
He smiles back, not quite sure if he’s gonna take me up on that.
So here I sit, pondering that conversation.  So much said with so little words.  I’ve always heard that kids will grow up before you know it.  So  true.  I believe we’ve just entered a new phase, and it’s one I’m not ready to travel.  Even when I reached over to hold his hand for a minute today, he didn’t respond quite like he used to: eager and affectionate.  I know he still loves me, but I’ll have to enjoy those affectionate moments on his terms. I’m okay with that, but now I wished I held his hand a little more when he wanted to,  sat a little longer holding him in my lap to read a story, laid a little longer on his bed for kiddie conversation, and looked in him in the eye a little harder while he was telling me a story.  
He’s an amazing little fellow and I pray that God takes him on adventures beyond his imagination.  But today, I pause for a just a moment, let a quiet tear roll down my cheek, and remember when he was my sweet little Cademan.

3 thoughts on “Little Boy No More

  1. Brenda

    I found your blog by traveling through a few others, and had to comment on this.Thank you for sharing this story.My little man, Drewby, is only 6, but I know I will hug him a little longer and a little tighter tomorrow morning because you’ve made me realize how quickly he will grow up.Thank you again.

  2. RhoDelta

    Funny. I had tears too! Some for you because I know exactly what you are going through. Others for me because I’m thinking the same way.These are the moments I treasure and dread… then quickly write or blog so I can share them with him at a later date!See ya tonight!


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