Just over 8 years and 16 hours ago, my sweet little Bayleyboo entered this world.  To say I was giddy on the day I found out I was having a little girl would be an understatement and now I was holding her in my arms.  She had a closet full of pink that I couldn’t wait to get on her.  Below is a poem, I wrote upon bringing her home.

Bedtime Swooning
In the dark of night
with the moon’s quiet light
Sliding through slits in the shade,
There she lay
Serenity personified
Innocence unknowing
Sweetness glowing
All in the face of 
one small child.
Eight years have passed and that little baby has grown into an amazing little girl.  Here’s a glimpse into who she is. 

Bayley loves…
pickles.  (Thus the picture to the right. She goes through a jar in about 3 days.)  
shoes.  (This is cute right now, but give it a couple of years, and I’m convinced this might be a problem.)
mirrors.  (It’s not for vain reasons but for entertainment.  Who needs a playmate when you can stand in front of a mirror and have a complete conversation with your reflection?   Who needs an audience for a performance when you can just dance and sing for yourself and an imaginary audience?)
friends.  (She loves to be with friends and the more the merrier.)
Kidtropolis. (Whatever you do, don’t remind her that she miss Kidtropolis service when we’re out of town.  She’ll just want to know if we can come home early.)
her daddy.  (In fact, every night she wants to sleep in one of his t-shirts.  He will be wrapped around her finger until the  day he dies.)
school. (She definitely has her momma’s genes. She’s gonna be a nerd- just like her momma- but at least she’ll be wearing cute shoes while she makes the honor roll.)
baby dolls and stuffed animals. (The day is fast approaching when she won’t even want to play with them anymore. Tear rolling down the cheek here.)
questions. (I thought the questions were supposed to slow down after the age of three.  Not with Bay, her questions only get more complicated and her conversations more philosophical. )
debate. (These last two go hand in hand.  Her Daddy is convinced she would make a great attorney.  She’s got questions AND answers for most any situation.  Visit us at bedtime and you’ll see.)
Jesus. (I saved the best for last.  Her heart towards God is so tender.  So many times, I’ve been able to redirect her behavior simply by reminding her of how Jesus would want her to act. She’s also reminded me a couple of times as well 🙂
Happy Birthday Bay!  You are my heart:)

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