New Family Member

Famous Last Words: “We can  go look at the puppy, but we’re not gonna buy one yet.”  

LOL!  Tuesday after work Keifer comes home and says he found a beagle puppy and it’s only in Georgia a little over a hour away.  Want to go see them.  Understand here that we just gave our golden retriever away last Saturday to a loving home simply because her big doggie frame was too much for our new home and tiny back yard.  I had to coax the kids for several months about giving her away.  Finally, they agreed and we found a wonderful couple who specifically wanted a golden and planned to treat her as “their baby.”  Copper left on Saturday morning, and Tagger joined our family Tuesday night.  We love dogs and did a lot of research on beagles and found that they would fit best with our family and our lifestyle.  We wanted a small dog that sheds minimally, great with kids, and had plenty of personality.  Tag, as we’ve nicknamed him, has plenty of it all.    Anyway, the kids love him and he’s seems to like us pretty well too.
I don’t know why I thought I could “window shop”  for a puppy; I can’t even window shop at the mall 🙂

3 thoughts on “New Family Member

  1. Ed's Blog

    Congratulations on ‘Tagger’, Macy told me he was really cute and little. Hope Keith enjoyed his swim last night (ha)next time the water will be clear, I hope…


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