Beam Me Up!

Sometimes during the praise and worship part of our church services, I have a mental image much  like that of Captain Kirk’s being “beamed up” by the Enterprise’s transporter.  I’m totally unaware of the people around me and get lost in God in the middle of a very familiar place.  At that moment, there is no where else I could dream of being.  Those worship times remind of a song we often sing entitled “Better is One Day” which simply says, “Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere.” We all have our good and bad days, but even those days that I think couldn’t get any better can never compare with just one day in the presence of God.  

Many of you may be wondering: “Have I ever really experienced a day like this?”  If you have to stop and think very long about it, you probably haven’t.  Furthermore, if you haven’t experienced a moment in His presence, you are really missing something incredible.  

Consider this word picture:  One of my favorite places in the world to be is on the beach in the late afternoon sun: the waves rhythmically crash into the shore, seagulls frolic in the azure world above me, the sun’s warmth envelopes me, and the love of my life sits on the towel beside me. At that moment, life could not be more perfect! However, the truth is that a moment of true worship and communion with God could not match a thousand of those days.  What an awesome experience! 

I never pass up an opportunity to head to the beach and be renewed by its peacefulness and enjoy some relaxation away from my hectic world.  If my time with God in true worship is a thousand times better than one of those days at the beach, why would I not take every opportunity to be in God’s presence?  Why do I rob myself of the chance to be renewed, relaxed, and at perfect peace?  Yet there are Sunday mornings when I just don’t feel like worshipping, or I spend praise and worship time questioning, “Why me God?” or “When are you going to answer my prayer, God?”  All the while, I should be renewing my love and commitment to Him no matter what I am going through or how long He may take to answer a prayer.  

A true worshipper will come in a service ready and excited about having the opportunity to commune with God, be renewed physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  We can have all of that just by entering into His courts during praise and worship, ignoring the people and things around us, and focusing our thoughts and energy on God as we sing songs of dedication, prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.  Yet each Sunday (and other days during the week), we simply sit back and read the words off the screen like we’re reciting the phone book.  Is it any wonder why we don’t move FORWARD to intimacy in our relationship with God?  Why our prayers never seem to be answered?  And why we can’t know victory in our everyday Christian life?  The answer and victory will come when we learn to take those 45 minutes and every other spare moment to worship God no matter what is happening around us.

Take time to picture your most perfect day then multiply that feeling by 1000.  That’s what you are missing every Sunday morning when you CHOOSE to waste those minutes of praise and worship. (Let’s be clear – it is a choice!)  Make a determined effort not to let Satan rob you of those moments when God can transport you into His courts where peace, contentment, and quiet solitude reign and be renewed as you learn to worship at any cost.  Then you will know as others do that Captain Kirk’s transporter can’t compare to being “beamed up” into God’s presence. 

4 thoughts on “Beam Me Up!

  1. Edwina at The Picket Fence

    You are so right on with this blog. When we enter into Praise and Worship, it is so important to put all things out of our minds and just bathe in the Lord’s sweet aroma and annointing. Some of the most peaceful times I have, are right at church or at home, when I just close everthing out and concentrate on loving my Savior. What an honor to worship him!!!

  2. Fuschia

    Amen, Sister!And may I add, that those who wait for Sunday for that experience are missing out on MUCH as well. Some of the most amazing “transportations” of my life have started in my own living room.

  3. RhoDelta

    Funny. I’m frantically trying to remember the name of one of the songs we sang this morning. There is something in it that drew me in but, I can’t remember what it was. I’m also trying to remember the album that you were telling me about.Love you girl!


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