Older and Wiser

I’m baaaaack!  Sorry for the two week haitus but like my earlier blog said,  life gets in the way quite often.  

Anyway, just a note to say – I’m old.  Today while entering the gym, a young man politely held the door open for me.  (Manners still exist in the younger generation.) Anyway, I responded with a kind thank you to which he quickly replied, “You’re welcome, Maam.”  OUCH!  Just when I was feeling good about my recent working out and slimming up some more. However, I must say that the 30’s have been great even though I spent about two years dreading them. Well, here I am and there’s no turning back.  I’m happy with me and my age.  But just a note that in the future, young man, you better keep respecting your elders 🙂

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