If I was a Cat, I’d Have Lost Two Lives Today

So this morning in the usual calm of getting ready for school, my son suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be at school by 6:45 AM in order to attend an out of town fieldtrip. (One he had been anxiously awaiting) He reminded me of this at 6:39 AM! Needless to say, I panicked; he panicked. I was currently only wearing the top half of my outfit when he made his announcement. I crazily put on the first thing I could find — a pair of dirty jeans — and begin yelling, “Let’s go, let’s go! Get to the car now!!!!” We managed to leave the house by 6:45. I said a quick prayer before leaving that the traffic would be light and moving fast. So NOT what we found when we hit North Monroe, AND it began to rain. Anyhoo, while trying to beat a yellow light, I realized that I couldn’t and decided to stop. (Remember, it was raining.) Needless to say, my tires didn’t agree, and we slid 10 feet into the intersection. Luckily, the light had just changed and no traffic was moving. After my heart resumed its normal rhythm, I backed the car up and reminded myself that no field trip was worth three lives. (Cat life #1 gone.)

Now, in a somewhat calmer mode, I begin the last 10 minutes of our trip. The car in front of me was feeling the need for a Sunday afternoon drive, so when the road went to four lanes, I pulled over into the other lane to proceed with a safe passing. However, the other car decided to not check their blind spot and slowly eased over into that lane as well. I found myself between a car and rock median. With quick thinking, I managed to avoid certain wreckage; however, cat life #2 disappeared.

I am happy to report that we arrived just as the last class was loading the bus. Cademan hurtled from the vehicle onto the sidewalk and sprinted to the bus. He made it! I took a breath –I think it was for the first time since 6:39 that morning. However, my adrenaline didn’t come down til sometime after 9:30.

Cademan had a wonderful day came home bearing gifts for the mom that did whatever she could to get him to that field trip. I will proudly cook those bag of grits, and be thankful that the Lord protects us even when our stupid humanity prevents us from thinking straight.


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