Shopping with Baybug

Went shopping today for B’s easter dress. First experience where what I like is NOT what she likes. Her taste is somewhat opposite of mine: flashy and princess-like. A pink fru-fru frock covered in iridescent sequins caught her eye and looked perfect while she twirled in the dressing room mirror. Yes, we had to twirl in each dress. I, of course, had selected a linen dress in pink and green that was very tailored and sweet. While standing in the dressing room, donning my choice of dress, she looks up and says “I like this one too, but I the pink one is the BEST!” In that moment, I was fully aware of her need to protect my feelings but still get the dress she wanted.

We left Macy’s in search of other options. Why I trotted her to at least 4 more stores to find other options I’ll never know. She’s a girl and when you find what you want, you’ve found what you want and nothing else will do. (I can hear you all agreeing with me.) Needless to say, we wend back to Macy’s and left with a very cute, pink-sequined, fluffy dress. I can only hope that we’ll agree on the shoes 😉


2 thoughts on “Shopping with Baybug

  1. Michelle

    Personally, I understand your dilemma completely after shopping with my 10 year old niece! I think it shows your desire to preserve her feelings by not trying to impose what you like on her. We’ve all had people do that to us and it is not fun. She will probably remember shopping with you for this dress for a long time…and think of it fondly! Good job!

  2. Nicole

    Yeah… I’m so there!!! In fact was there TONIGHT also. Wait till she’s older and things really FIT in areas. I have the arguement every year “mom, why can’t i wear a two piece?” BECAUSE I SAID SO! LOL She can wear a tankini but thats it!remember when you’d help me pick out clothes? miss you


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