(noun) a pause or gap in sequence, series, or process: there was an extensive hiatus in my blog posting

In the words of the little blonde girl who got sucked into her television, “I’m baaaaaack!” I took a vacation from blogging for several reasons but couldn’t ignore its lure. I love to write and while I took a hiatus, I’ve had all kinds of ideas for posts but little opportunity to write them.

For my past readers (all 7 of you), you will notice a new look and theme. Recently, good friends lovingly nicknamed me “the human dictionary” due to my knack for random word knowledge and spelling abilities. I decided that idea would create a great blo. So each week I’ll take a word and define it both literally and figuratively. I hope you’ll come along to laugh and learn about life and maybe even add a new word to your vocabulary.

In honor of this new format, I’ve reposted two of my very first blogs from over a year ago. Hope you like them and thanks for joining me on this linguistic journey.


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