noun,   a detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it

The other day while I was listening to a local radio station I got this idea: a monograph for the year.  Well, they didn’t put such a high-falootin’ sound to it, but I, of course, felt the need to make sure the tens (not tons) of readers I have learned a new word.

They posed the idea that if there was one word that you wanted to live your life by this year – and this year only-what would it be?  I have to say that my answer came quickly.  In fact, it came so quickly to a woman consumed with words that I knew it had to be God.

What was it, you say?  Well, I would love to tell you, but I want you to spend some time thinking about what one word you would/should live your life by this year?  However, I will share the story of a lady who called in to share her monograph with the radio host.

She said that her family had decided to try the one word for the year.  She had decided on the word “quiet.”  If you’re  a mom, there’s really no need for an explanation of that one.  It was her autistic son’s answer that really got me involved.  He had decided that since he had challenges with doing new things, his word would be “TRY.”  In fact, since the beginning of January, he had “tried out” for a youth orchestra – amidst his social anxiety – and made the group.  He had also begun writing a book on dealing with his disability.  I felt ashamed because it was January 20th, and I hadn’t even made a New Year’s resolution.

So here’s your chance.  If you had a monograph for the year, what would it be?  Leave a comment and fill me in over the next few days. You’ll see mine by the end of the week.  Can’t wait to hear all about it….


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