noun – a call to take part in a competition or a contest; a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities

So I just checked the date of my last blog and noticed I’m having a teensy bit of trouble posting on a regular basis. Therefore, I propose a challenge.

I will post at least once a day for the next 7 days.  Yes, I, Alicia, will post readable content for the next seven days in a row.  That means that by next Saturday I will have either risen to the challenge or failed on an epic scale considering that I also go back to the classroom this coming Monday.

Whose in?  By that I mean, who of my readers needs to challenge themselves over the next 7 days to do something on a consistent basis:  keep the laundry done, control your temper, watch your tongue, pray, have a quiet time with God, cook dinner and NOT eat out!  That’s definitely one I need to  conquer, but as Scarlet says, “Tomorrow is another day,” and I can tackle that one later.

Let me know how you plan to challenge yourself, and check back daily to see if I am succeeding in my challenge.  After all, it is only one week…..


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