noun –  a column of air moving rapidly around and around in a cylindrical or funnel shape; used in similes and metaphors to describe a very energetic or tumultuous person or process
My whirlwind of a summer is coming to an end tonight at midnight.  Tomorrow, I head back to the classroom to prepare for another year (hopefully, only a semester) of teaching middle school students.  Here’s a brief list of how my summer flew by…

  • 2 weeks in Springfield, MO preparing for our upcoming missionary journey
  • 4 weeks of youth camp in Marianna, FL (think hundreds of teenagers, crazy games involving a mud pit, incredible worship services, and LOTS of late, late nights!)
  • 1 week of actual work (if you consider hanging out with a friend all day chatting and labeling library books work)
  • 1 short week at the beach (spent poolside or beach side or dinner table side)
  • 4 weekends spent at various churches speaking about our Ecuador journey
  • 2 weekends spent with family and/or Keith’s high school classmates for the 20 year reunion
  • 7 books read during down time (mostly in the car or by the beach/pool)
  • 3 blog pieces-if you count this one (Yeah, I know this doesn’t account for much of my time.)
  • 38 episodes of Big Bang Theory  (Yeah, I know this accounts for TOO MUCH of my time.)
I love summer and ever since I’ve been in kindergarten, summers have belonged to me.  I didn’t have one of those jobs where I had to work while others were enjoying the pool or sleeping in.  Summers are freedom for me.    I so enjoy having time to myself, living spontaneously, even lazily if need be.  However, I can find enjoyment in routine, so going back to school isn’t utterly miserable for me. 
Starting tomorrow someone else will determine where I have to be each Monday through Friday, my bedtime will move dangerously up to a time right after the sun goes down, and my afternoons will be filled with homework, soccer practices, music lessons, cooking dinner, and I will resort back to my “Can’t wait till Friday” mantra which is followed by “The weekends almost over” complaint.  
Sassafras and I enjoying one of the free
days of summer at the beach.

But alas, it is true.  Summer’s whirlwind has calmed, so there’s only one thing left to say:  “I can’t wait till Friday!”


1 thought on “whirlwind

  1. allaboutthehendersons

    I just ordered the Big Bang Theory on Netflix because you said it was good 🙂 Can't wait to watch it!I also realized what a horrible host I was when you guys were in. I swear when you you guys visit again we won't be coming off a Daniel Fast and we'll make breakfast and hang out more! I can't believe I sent yall off without breakfast 🙂 Terry told me you're gonna be speaking in November for our womens night. Yay!!!!


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