noun, the earliest stages or first traces of anything

Sample Sentence:  The incunabulum of the school year always causes painful, swollen feet, and tired eyes in every teacher.

And so here I am at the second day of work and I’m already exhausted and my feet were swollen and tender even after one day of work.  I always dread the first two weeks of teaching because my feet hurt so bad at the end of the day, and on my drive home from work, I’m terrified I’ll doze off from exhaustion!  It’s only day two  — with no students even– and I’m tired and my feet hurt.  Oh, I think I’ve already said that.  Did I mention I’m tired?

Anyway, I’m trying to chalk the exhaustion up to last night’s late game of Yahtzee and the swollen feet on a water deficiency.

So here I go with possibly the shortest blog of the week challenge. Why?  Because I’m tired and need to go to bed. Yes, I know it’s not even dark yet!


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