noun, the having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing

Churches all over the U.S. have missions conventions every year during this time.  Its purpose is to encourage congregations to remember that the Bible commands that we go “into all the world” and tell the good news and that they can each play a part in that going either physically or financially. Earlier this month, Keith, Sassafras, and I had the opportunity to attend Carmel A/G’s convention and hear an amazing and challenging word from Pastor Randy Valimont of Griffin First A/G in Georgia.

Over 2 1/2 years have passed since my trip, but while Pastor Valimont was speaking that familiar longing to be far, far from Tallahassee created a lump in my throat and caused my eyes to well-up with tears once again.  A wistfulness to move to a place where I’ve only spent 8 days of my life. Just seeing the faces of the people who live there tugs at my heart and beckons I leave everything I’ve ever known behind.  I know this tugging is not the country itself but it is from a God who knows that my family is needed there – in Ecuador. We’re needed to share His love, His hope with someone – a sweet little girl abandoned by her family, a mother in desperate need of help to care for her children, a young boy caught in the trap of “life as it has always been.”

It is for this reason that I go.  That I will take my light into the far corners of the world to a place where they’ve never even heard of God’s measureless perfect love.  As the floating lanterns of last night drifted effortlessly into the night sky, I was reminded that God knows where each one will land. He knows exactly who will find it just as He knows exactly where my life in Ecuador will lead me and the people that will “find me” just so I can share the greatest love I’ve ever known.


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