sunshine – (noun)

  • direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, esp. over a comparatively large area 
  •  figurative cheerfulness; happiness

 Today is the 11th birthday of my sweet slice of sunshine known as Sassafras to the blogging world.  Here’s a 11 reasons why I love that she’s a part of my life:

1. She loves books.  Now, that seems like a minor thing, but to a Mom who ADORES reading, it is a instant connection between us.  I get why she bubbles over with joy when the latest edition of her favorite book series comes out.  She’s giddy with excitement just as I am when I begin a long-awaited sequel.

2. Talking is a athletic event with her.  I mean from the time she began forming sentences, which was very early on, she talked ALL THE TIME.  Now I will admit that a mother in need of quiet time will often see this as a downfall, but I’ve realized that some great moments have been birth from her need to talk.  My favorite quote so far (from when she was about 5): “You know, Mom, all a kid really wants is freedom.”  Where did that come from?

3. She’s a social butterfly.  I never have to worry about her finding someone to talk to when we go to a new place. (#2 really comes in handy) For a momma who is somewhat shy in new situations, I wish I had what she has.

4. She cherishes her family, not just Mom and Dad, but Grandaddy and GoGo, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  She bursts with joy whenever we get to spend time with any of them.

5. She’s so stinkin’ smart.  That’s a typical Mom thing to say, but I can’t believe some of the questions she comes up with. There so deep and sometimes way too profound.

6. School makes her happy.  Again, a girl after my own heart.  I loved all things “learning,” and she does too.  Were both blissfully nerdy in a good way.

7. She’s a turtle, figuratively of course.  She has no concept of time, which of course makes me  crazy sometimes, but she’s never stressed. Time is her friend because she can’t be bothered with it. But she’s also a turtle in another way.  The turtle is the international symbol of friendship and if there’s one thing she’s good at, it is making friends. (See #2 and #3) That is a personality trait that will carry you  a long ways in life.  It is a truly a gift.

8. Laughter is her constant companion.  She’s always being silly and trying to find ways to play around or make one of us laugh. God knew I needed more laughter in my life:)

9. Pickles are her favorite food.  Don’t know why I love that about her but it shows a simple yet devoted side of her that is priceless.  Best way to make her happy, come home from the store with big jar of pickles.

10. She willingly gave up her old life to follow the call of God in our family’s life. Yes, obviously when Keith and I left, she had to go with us, but she went willingly.  She doesn’t complain and she sees that God has something for her to do as well.  After all, she was the first one called to missions.

11. She really is a slice of sunshine. It’s very odd to catch her in a bad mood or unhappy about something.  Sure she gets sad from time to time, but daily she charts a course for happiness.  She’s steady. That’s a quality few people possess.

I love you Sassafras and I’m honored to be the mom of such an amazing “tween” as you like to call yourself! Happy 11th!


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