Winner: J. Underhill
Congrats and thanks for playing:)

verb  to commence officially or formally; to initiate

To inaugurate the new blog look, I’ve decided to start a weekly blog post entitled “Wacky Word Wednesday.” It will occur on Wednesdays, of course, and will introduce you to a word that you’ve probably never seen or heard before.  Readers will be challenged to leave an original sentence using the word each week.  This week I will be awarding a $5 gift card to the most creative sentence using this week’s word. 

You may only enter one original sentence.  
The “wacky word” must be used in a grammatically correct way.
Only one winner will be award the prize.
Entries will be accepted until Friday @ 12 PM EST.

Are you ready? Here’s this week’s word:


[flechuh-rahyz]  verb to chew (food) slowly and throughly

Let the wordsmithing begin!

2 thoughts on “inauguration

  1. Jenn Underhill

    Alicia failed to fletcherize the delicious Belgian waffle smothered in fruit and instead gobbled it down before licking the plate (and considered a second helping). True story with pictures to prove it. 🙂


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