Friday Photos: "arachnophobia" edition

noun, an abnormal fear of spiders

When I opened my eyes Wednesday morning this was the first thing I saw…

See it?  It’s in the top right quadrant of the picture near the vertical shadow: a large brown spider. Luckily, it was missing one leg, but that didn’t prevent it from getting away when Keith knocked it down with a broom.  Now it’s still lurking somewhere in my bedroom….ugh…did I mention that I have arachnophobia ever since I watched the movie Arachnophobia?

And in other animal-related news.  Bayley and I came home to this Sunday after church…

Left for us by the ever cute and annoying puppies Zoe and Skye.

In completely unrelated animal news, here’s how much cilantro you can get for 50 cents at our local vegetable stand…

And these roses…

Only $5.50 for 2 dozen!  Yep, Ecuador is the number 1 exporter of roses to the states.  Now you know how much it costs to get them across the continents.

Now, in totally unrelated animal and vegetable news, the whole family had the privilege of spending the entire Saturday with the Hope House girls.  We ate pizza…

went out for ice cream,

danced for hours with Just Dance 3,

and learned how to play Ninja and Bunny Bunny. What sweet girls! So glad we get to invest in their lives.

Here’s to a weekend full of photographic moments and frivolity:)



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