Photo Friday: "sweet" edition

adjective, pleasing in general; delightful
This sweet face…

along with this one greet me each morning as I head downstairs to make breakfast…
The one hiding in the back is the ninja.  Last week she managed to jump through the window, grab the metal loaf pan half full with homemade banana bread, jump back out the window, and serve it up to the little ones. When I made it downstairs they all had banana bread crumbs on their faces.  I couldn’t even get that mad. 
This face…or maybe I should say foot…surprised me as I cooked dinner Monday night. Yep, here they don’t believe in wasting any part of the chicken.  (I’m not a fan of that philosophy. Don’t tell but that foot ended up in the garbage.)
On a less gross note, I baked these Strawberries and Cream muffins Tuesday morning. I whipped them up in a jiffy. NOT!  They took forever, but the results were worth it.  Here’s the recipe if you’ve got an extra 1 1/2 on your hands (Muffins).
This is the view from my backyard on a beautiful morning in Sucúa.  It’s easy to enjoy if only you look beyond the ugly concrete wall. (I’m sure there’s a spiritual lesson in there somewhere.)
These sweet faces are two girls that live at the Hope House.  I’m going over a couple afternoons a week and helping them with their English. It makes me feel good because it reminds me how hard it is to learn a language and then I cut myself some slack for the next few hours about not speaking Spanish perfectly. 

Part of language learning is mastering your charades skills.  Here I’m explaining the word for “cover.”

My last set of sweet faces belong to these guys…we took a moment to get out of the house and eat lunch together at a small ice-cream shop called “Ice Hot.”  (I’m still not sure about the name yet.) 
Here’s to a weekend full of photographic moments and friendship,

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