noun: the lack or denial of something considered to be a necessity

According to a Stanford University medical psychiatrist, children laugh at least 300 times a day while we adults only chuckle 17 times a day.  What a startling statistic! I have to admit there have been many days in my life that have passed without a giggle, sometimes even a smile.

It truly is tragic because the health benefits of laughter are astounding. A hearty ha-ha lowers stress levels. A great guffaw increases healthy heart function. A chipper chortle boosts the immune system.

So why, why, why do we not laugh more? Why do we not laugh every day, every hour? It’s good for us!

Find ways to laugh. Make a goal to laugh at least three times–or 30 times– a day. Watch a good comedic movie or sitcom. Read a joke book. Look at yourself in the mirror and make a funny face. (You’ll laugh just because you feel silly.)

Feeling depressed? Stressed? Angry? Frustrated? Or just blah? Doctor’s orders are increase your intake of laughter.  You’re only going to feel better!

(If you need a good jolt of laughter, check this video out.  It makes me laugh every time I watch it: Laugh Out Loud

If the doctor ordered you to laugh at least 3 times a day, how would you “take your medicine?” 

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