Photo Friday: "VBS" edition

noun: a weekday program of Christian education featuring religious study courses, arts and crafts and recreation conducted by local Christian churches for one or more weeks during summer vacation

Wow, that definition sounds sooooooooo exciting (insert sarcastic voice here)1  I can tell you that VBS in the jungle is more than religious study courses. It is full-throttle, loud music, blistering hot days, gobs of glue, mystery flavored juice, and and throngs of children begging for your attention.  It is the perfect chance to SHOW the love of God, not simply teach about it.

Last week, I was crazy busy working with the West Florida AIM team conducting two different VBS programs.  It was exhausting and exhilarating, and I have finally got around to making a video of our time with the kiddos. 
It is truly a privilege to pour yourself out for God.  I still get tears in my eyes when I see each of these kids’s sweet faces.  My prayer is that seeds were planted that will be watered and grow deep.  That one night when their lives look bleak or hopeless, they will remember the words to the songs we sang over and over.  That they will remember God loves them even if no one here on earth ever shows them any real love.  Hope you’ll pray those things with me. 


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