noun  the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable, typically social, activity

Today is not a celebration of any kind. However, we did just celebrate the 4th – jungle style and a another celebration of sorts is just around the corner. (More about that later.)

Anytime a holiday passes and we aren’t in the states, I discover a new appreciation for the holiday. This 4th of July was no exception. Here’s the short run down sprinkled with a few highlights.

When it comes to food and North American holiday celebrations, our Sucúa Gringo family goes all out. Most of the time, we are very limited on our meal choices but on holidays that rule doesn’t apply. Exhibit A was the menu of the day: pulled pork, BBQ ribs, homemade mac and cheese, corn casserole,  corn on the cob, cole slaw, green bean casserole, peanut butter pie, chocolate poundcake, and more. Need a visual….

After lunch was over, the Wii was cranked up for some traditional battles in Rock Band and the slightly less daring crowd opted for Pictionary and Apples to Apples. While the board games offered general laughter and camaraderie, the Rock Band stars offered hilarity and unforgettable moments. Some of which were caught and video and if they ever appear on Youtube will quickly be denied.  
Later came the fireworks, which basically consisted of Roman candles and sparklers. Well, something like a sparkler. FYI did you know that steel wool makes for a great substitution for sparklers. In fact, you can stretch it out, light one end, and twirl it to your heart’s content.  Just beware of the flying molten lava sparks that will inevitably land on your head, arm, face, or any uncovered body part.  It might even singe a few hairs and leave you with that wonderful burnt hair smell for the rest of the evening. I’m not sure myself, but I’m just sayin’. 
Finally, the day ended with a rousing rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” accompanied by fireworks that were shall we say less than awe-inspiring. However, singing our national anthem with fellow Americans while miles away from home reminded me that the land that I love is a great land. Yes, it’s filled with many issues too, but it’s a great place to call home.  
On to other celebrations, the next time you read the blog (well, that is if you keep up with it on a daily basis), it will be my 100th post.  In the blogging world, this is a cause for big celebration and usually a giveaway of some kind.  Come back for Wednesday’s post to see what kind of party I have in store for my readers, and what you could win.
I promise it won’t be a pack of steel wool and a box of matches.


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