Still shot taken from Sally’s actual Oscar® speech

verb – suffer (something painful or difficult) patiently

Ever been invited to a friend’s house for dinner and dreaded going – simply because you couldn’t stand their spouse or their rowdy children?  (If your answer is yes and your thinking of me, my feelings are officially hurt:) I know the question is harsh, but this scenario is more common than we like to admit. We could change the question around and ask ourselves, “Whose the one person we hope doesn’t show up to work today because we just can’t listen to them rattle on again?” 

There are people in our lives that we try to circumvent on a daily basis. It’s not that we don’t like them; it’s often simply because their personality just grates against ours. On the other hand, if your like me, there are people you cannot wait to spend time with.  The prospect of having lunch with her/him makes us giddy. We know it will be time well spent in laughter, sound advice, spiritual wisdom, or simply quiet companionship. We don’t have endure them; we simply enjoy them.

That’s how God see us. I came across a quote today that said: “You are loved and not despised, held and not forsaken, enjoyed, not just endured” (via @shannonsscott Twitter).  The last part hit me like a brick because sometimes I feel like God has to endure me and all my crazy emotions and questions. I can often feel like He dreads my dinner invitation (a.k.a quiet time) and just wants to do whatever he can to avoid my ramblings. (I guess I understand this feeling simply because I felt it with others here on earth.) 

Guess what?  It’s simply not true!!!!  God enjoys us.  In fact, that’s the reason that he created us (Genesis 1:31). He promises that He will never leave us (Deut. 31:6). He truly cares for us and wants us to give Him our problems (1 Peter 5:7). He values us (Isa. 43:4).  He not only endures us but He thinks we are a masterpiece (Eph. 2:10).  He is enthralled with our beauty (Ps 45:11). 

That’s how God feels about us.  He never sees us as someone to endure, someone to pretend to listen to, or to dread a conversation with. He simply enjoys us. What a comforting thought to a flawed and often complicated missionary girl! To steal (and alter) a quote from Sally Fields, “God likes me, He really likes me!”

How does it make you feel to know that God doesn’t simply endure you, but he totally enjoys you, just as you are?


2 thoughts on “endure

  1. Jill Garcia

    Perfect analogy. Thanks for putting God's view of me into perspective. I needed it! (and you're definitely one of the people whom i simply enjoy and never have to endure. thank you for that too.)love you!


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