Day Three: Lists

noun, a number of connected items or names written or printed consecutively,typically one below the other

David Letterman is famous for them. Santa’s is infinitely long. Millions of people can’t live without making one each day. There’s an app for it. A list. It’s a simple task really, jotting down things that you want to remember. And today that’s what we want to do: jot down items we want to remember about a friend, spouse, child, girlfriend, boyfriend…and the list goes on;)

Let’s pattern it after David Letterman’s list though – a snazzy Top Ten! It could be a list of any top tens: ten reasons why I love you, ten special memories between us, ten outstanding character traits, ten goals achieved, ten reasons why you make me laugh, ten reasons why I call you friend, ten favorite activities you share, ten things you’ve said that changed my life. Again, the list goes on.

The best part about Letterman’s Top Ten is the presentation. With easy access to technology today, there’s a myriad of ways to present your list to someone special. Here’s a few to consider:

  • Film a quick video with hand-drawn number signs to signify each item on the list. (You can do this sitting in front of you computer.)
  • Create an audio file on your iPod and simply email it to the recipient. (Play a fun song in the background while you make the recording.)
  • Go old fashioned and simply write the list on a card or notebook paper and slip it somewhere they won’t expect to find it: a backpack, briefcase, lunchbox, dashboard, etc.
  • Cover their bathroom mirror with the list, so they can read it when they wake up in the morning. (This might work well with family members, but not so much with others. They might be a little weirded out that you want access to their bathrooms late at night:)

Can’t think of ten things?  No problem, a Top 8, or Top 5 list is just as good. The point is the same: letting someone know they are important to you! 

If you wrote a Top Ten List, what theme would it be? How would you present it?


2 thoughts on “Day Three: Lists

  1. Alicia Hall

    Posting in honor of a friend who wrote this for me and posted it as a notification on FB. How creative is that.

    “In between clients I came up w/ a top ten list! Here it goes, A-adorable. L-leader. I- intellectual . C-caring. I- inspiring. A- artistic. H-honest. A-a great friend. L-loyal. L- loves. ~Alicia Hall~ now that’s a top ten. Miss & love ya:)”

    Ain’t she sweet?

  2. Joy

    I LOVE this! I’m such a list person 🙂
    I even left Cory a Top 10 Reasons why I love you list on the bathroom mirror when I went out of town last week.
    Now, he won’t let me erase it!


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