Day Five: Full

adjective, 1. having eaten or drunk to one’s limits or satisfaction  2. filled with intense emotion 3. containing or holding as much or as many as possible; having no empty space

To be full…to be filled…to be brimming with emotion.  Each of these definitions bring us to the importance of today’s word gift: a Celebration plate. The great thing is that it only takes a Sharpie

                              Celebration Mugs

pen and a white dinner plate or coffee mug to create one of these “your special to me” gifts. If you’re not familiar with the concept click here to see an example with instructions. Although this plate was made to celebrate a holiday, we can turn this same concept into a chance to celebrate a person. The best part about this word gift is that it is a gift each time its used.

After we gather the materials (Sharpie pens in our favorite color and a coffee mug/plate, we can get started on the writing part. Now our creative juices are flowing and we know exactly what we will write; they come tumbling out like a poetic gymnast. Wait…actually I’m sitting here Sharpie in hand thinking what in the world should I write. Oh, you too?  Good, I don’t feel so bad. Let’s toss around some possibilities that don’t require our poetry skills.

  • Song lyrics (this could be adapted for kids, friends, or a spouse)
  • Previously published poem (check here to do a search for an appropriate poem)
  • Thankful (phrases that express why we are thankful for that person in our lives)
  • Inspirational Quotes (one that reminds us of them/click here for a database of quotes to peruse)
  • Scripture (use a verse that can be an encouragement)
  • Prayer (what a great reminder that someone is important to us when they know what we pray for them)
  • One Word Wonder (what about the one word that describes the special person followed by its dictionary definition?)

Now our minds are spinning with possibilities!  Grab your Sharpie and go! Fill that special someone’s plate with food and love:)

If you could say one word to describe someone you love today, what would it be? 

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