Day 12: Treat

Check this site out for more cute holiday door hangers.

Click on the image to see more cute holiday door hangers created by Bronwyn Hanahan Art.

October should be given the title of “Official Candy Month.”  I mean in just a few weeks, kids will be running around their neighborhoods begging for it, and their neighbors will give it away willingly.  What a crazy tradition!  Now, it’s one that I whole-heartedly agree with (as far as the candy goes, not so much the wicked witches and ghosts). I’m a candy girl and that doesn’t agree so much with my desired dress size, but it is something that makes me happy.

Lately though people have been looking for ways to create inexpensive yet meaningful gifts.  As parents, we are all aware that teacher gift time can get quite expensive, so finding cheap gifts is always a plus. That’s when the idea for “Sweet Treats” began to turn up. If you check out Pinterest these days, you can find tons of ways to give a box of candy or a beverage along with a cute saying that encourages the receiver.  For example, a tag that reads “Bursting with happiness that you’re my friend” could be attached to a pack of Starburst. Or what about a Coke can with a tag attached that says, “I ‘soda’ think you’re amazing!”

The ideas are limitless, but the best thing is much of the work has already been done.  Check out these links below to find a perfect word gift to give this weekend.

Crafts by Friends
The Dating Divas
Darling Doodles Design
Classroom Frisbees Too
lil luna
Mandy Douglas (these have a get well focus)
Tip Junkie (these are specifically for soda bottles)

Today’s Comment Challenge: Think of your favorite snack (candy, chips, sodas) and then write a quick word gift phrase to go along with it.  I’ll go first…check the comments to see my phrase.

3 thoughts on “Day 12: Treat

  1. rhodelta7

    I “mint” to tell you how AWESOME this blog is! There is tons of “joy” in my heart that you are pursuing your dream of writing. I can’t wait to hear about the “payday” you’ll have when you are finally published. Love you to “pieces”!!!!!
    (Peppermint, Almond Joy, Payday, Reese’s Pieces)


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