Weekend Word Gift Tip

According to Carleton Kendrick Ed. M of familyeducation.com the majority of parents spend less than 20 minutes a day in conversation with their kids, and most

of that conversation tends to focus on complaints, commands, or requests. What’s even more disturbing is that the ratio of negative to  positive comments increases as they get older.

As we each remember what life was like as a teen, we can easily agree that every positive word spoken to us was like a drink of water in a barren desert.  We thirsted for encouragement because of the constant battle against the negative words spoken at school, from the media, or even at home.

Take a moment this weekend to encourage a teenager in your life. It’s probably best to do it quietly — with a simple note or gift — that doesn’t bring too much attention to them. Your word gift could brighten an otherwise dismal weekend for a teen who is much deserving of some uplifting words.


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