Day 17: Wednesday Reads “Grab Bag” Edition

noun – an assortment of miscellaneous items

“A good book is like a good friend, one you like to spend time with over and over again.”

Some of the greatest word gifts ever given are bound with hard or soft shells.  Their edges are worn from overuse and sharing, but they give a gift every time their pages are opened. It’s why I love to share this word gift:  a good book. In fact, while reading a “good” book, all I do is think about is “who I can share it with?” “Who would love this book with me?”

And when I pass it along, it’s like giving a word gift because it allows two people to share a common experience, to share the story of characters, to share a conversation that always results after reading a powerful and well-written book. So today, I’m going to share my favorite books from the past year.  Some I’ve previously posted book reviews for and some I haven’t even spoke of yet.

I hope you’ll take time to read just one. After all, one of the reasons I blog is to share good books with friends. Can’t wait to hear what you think about each of them! (Click on the book image to find out more about the book.)

Currently, this is my FAVORITE book. Superb writing, highly-intriguing story, unforgettable characters. Truly this is historical fiction at its best!

Disclaimer: This book is not about witchcraft, but a girl whose lost everything and moves to a mysterious Georgia Island to recover from her losses. Hauntingly beautiful with a powerful ending twist!

Another fun read by Kristin Billerbeck! This time with a “professional nose” working in the perfume industry. That is until she is dumped at the altar and loses her sense of smell. Hopefully, her handsome new boss won’t find out though. A great, fast-paced weekend read!

A poignant memoir about learning to live the life of both a mother and daughter. While both Kelly and her father battle cancer, the reader gets a glimpse of living in the “in-between” place of adult child with aging parents. Laughter and tears dance through the pages of this book. A truly meaningful read.

If you loved “The Hunger Games,” you’ll find a new love in this dystopian world series by Ally Condie. With a little less violence, a little more literature, the reader gets a powerful view of “government-run arranged marriages.” Although a young adult novel, any reader will enjoy it’s heart-thumping and page turning story.

That’s the grab bag, folks!  So go out and grab yourself a good book to read and then share it’s power with a friend.

What’s the best book you’ve read in the past 12 months?


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