Day 18: Random

 adjective – odd, unusual, or unexpected 

Random people make me laugh.  You know that person that interrupts a conversation with some off-the-wall comment that is absolutely irrelevant to anything that has been discussed thus far.  Yea, you know them.  I have one that lives in my house.  Some might find this trait annoying, but I find it hysterical. Why? Because all along you thought you were having a normal, coherent conversation with him or her BUT when the random comment comes flying out of his mouth, I realize they weren’t really “with” me the whole time.  I love how those random brains work! (Side note: in my house, I often find out some tidbit of trivial information that is quite amusing.  Guess that’s a bonus for me.)

So here’s a word gift that appeals to all those random people in our lives. We only need three tools to make it happen: a stack of Post-It Notes, a pen, and this website. (Scroll down to the bottom of the website’s page too see a ginormous list of positive words.) Once we have our word gift recipient in mind, we can peruse the list of positive words and gather a few that describe him/her. Now we take our Post It Notes and begin to write “You” statements that describe our recipient.  For example, “You are adorable!” “You SPARKLE!” (Might want to save that one for a girl:) “You add ZEST to my life!” “Today I CELEBRATE because you are in my life!”  Get the picture?

Now for the random part.  Begin to place this little notes in the most random of places. Obviously, we want them to be in places that the recipient will eventually find them.  That’s the great part.  If we hide them well, they will find the notes for the next few weeks or maybe months.  Some great hiding places to start with are the bathroom mirror, car dashboard, glove compartment, washing machine lid (this is a good one for moms:-), computer screen, sock drawer, school notebooks, backpack, lunchbox, favorite book, iPod, dinner plate, shampoo bottle.  Really, any place where the note will stick is a good place to put it as long as they can find it.

It’s simple, it’s fast, but it works.  Every time the recipient receives a note, they will be reminded how special they are and that they are loved. Those are never wasted moments!


What is one POSITIVE word to describe YOU today?  Go ahead, make a comment and give yourself a word gift. Those are just as important!

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