Day 19: Magnetic

adjective – 1. capable of being attracted by or acquiring the properties of a magnet  2. very attractive or alluring

They came in bold colors of red, blue, green, yellow and every letter of the alphabet could be found. As a child, we could sit for hours rearranging them while mom cooked dinner. We could make up crazy combinations that made us — and mom — laugh. Where did all this wild entertainment take place?  Right in front of the fridge!  Remember those great magnetic letters that covered our refrigerators when we were younger.  Maybe you don’t have to think back that far because your fridge is covered in them right now and sometime today a little one will stop by to rearrange them.

What if that same joy of creating new words, silly words, or special letter designs could be a part of our daily lives?  What if we could create word gifts right on the refrigerator, the place where everyone comes at least once a day?

Guess what?  We can with one set of Magnetic Poetry. These little boxes contains 300 words that will stick right to the fridge. Imagine the possibilities of phrases, or poetry, or WORD GIFTS that could be created each day all while standing in front of the refrigerator!

I received a box of magnetic poetry as a gift many years ago. What a thrill it was to wake up in the morning and head to the fridge for the milk and find a silly phrase, crazy love poem, or mad mixture of words left by another family member. Truly, an unexpected word gift for my day.

There’s really not a whole lot of instructions involved in creating a word gift using a magnetic poetry kit.  Simply purchase your favorite kit (see bottom of post for types to choose from), and start arranging words. The best thing to remember is not to censor yourself while creating.  Since you have such a vast selection of words (over 300 in the basic kit), the ideas will dance right into your head.  You see a word that works, grab it, slid it in the appropriate place and scavenge for the next word. Allow yourself to be funny,or serious, or profound, or genius, maybe some days simply apologetic. Above all, remember that the refrigerator is a magnet in itself and many will pass by on a given day. Will a simple refrigerator word gift change that person’s day?  Maybe. So get to arranging!

 What’s your favorite item to post on the fridge?


Original Kit
Happy Words
Encouragement Words
The Poet Kit
Shakespeare Edition
Kids Kit
Haiku Kit
Pirate Kit
The Beach Edition Kit
Peace Kit
Little Box of Thanks Kit
Mixed-Up Movie Lines Kit
Rock and Roll Kit
Romance Kit


4 thoughts on “Day 19: Magnetic

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  2. Harry Cobb

    Great ideas. Now I need to buy a kit and come up with some clever sayings. For example “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!” Bet that’s too many letters for a regular size magnetic kit.


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