Day 22: Puzzle

noun – a game, toy, or problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge

Did you know there is a whole section at the local book store dedicated to crossword puzzles – not just word puzzles, but specifically crossword puzzles?  Well, apparently it’s a favorite pastime of many people.  I love a good crossword; however, the only time I complete one is while on an airplane using the in-flight magazine.

I was thinking what great fun it would be to complete a crossword with clues about myself and my life.  Obviously, it wouldn’t be something that I would create, but what if someone made one for me and then let me complete it?  Such a great idea!  Not only would it test my knowledge about myself, but it would also give me insight into how someone else sees me.

What if we wrote one for our children?  Clues could focus on their growing up information, such as his/her first word, favorite toy or movie, age they learned to ride a bike, act. Or maybe one for our spouse?  Clues about private jokes, first dates, family experiences, vacations, and more. Maybe one for our mom or dad noting special memories, family traditions, parental advice, etc. The ideas are limitless!

The good news is anyone can make their own crossword puzzle via internet sites such as this one generated by the Discovery Channel site. So here’s today’s word gift: make someone you love a crossword puzzle about their personality, their personal history, their idiosyncrasies, your relationship together, or any other random information that centers them as the main topic.  Be sure that your clues and answers focus on the positives, after all it IS word gift! Be creative in your clues! Use a thesaurus to help you out with synonyms and antonyms.

Let them know how special they are – not just because your answers are encouraging, but because you know so much about them.  There is such comfort in being truly known and yet still  loved unconditionally, right? Word gift crosswords ensures both!

Think of your favorite person…next think of one word that describes them…now write a crossword clue for that word.  Don’t forget to share it with us (along with the answer in case you stump us.)

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