Life is busy whether you work in the metropolitan world of suburbia or the jungles of the Amazon. This busyness will inhibit us from stopping to take in the moment, to remember that life moves too fast, and it could all change tomorrow.

This week I encourage you to stop and make a list of the things you’re thankful for, the things that fill your heart, the things that make you smile. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t dread the extended-family dinners – even if you have to attend two in one day. There’s always something to be grateful for, we just have to have eyes to see it.

Here’s a list I complied several years back. I could update it, but the days I write of were often difficult and always blessed — if only I chose to see them that way.

Thanksgiving List

Tranquil stillness of first light
snuggled ‘neath blankets
wrapped in morning’s warmth
Pineapple coconut bouquet
wafting through a sun-soaked beach
Hushed peace of a candlelight sanctuary
confirming the One who holds my life
in purpose and perfect love
Fragrance of old books
weathered by years of page turning
Gapped-tooth baby grin
sweet silly giggles
lollipop kisses
from a pretty-in-pink princess
A little monkey man
perched in a birch tree
dirt-smudged face and wry grin
The familiar face
that holds me in my sleep
walks the days by my side.

Moments that find their weight in
always bringing lightness to
my heart.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Take a moment and leave a brief list of what you are thankful for this holiday. 

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