adjective –  understanding the impact of muscle movement in various parts of the body

When I home-schooled my oldest during his first grade year, I instantly discovered his learning style. He would read a book to me, upside-down with head hanging off the chair. We worked math problems one at a time and in-between each one he took a spin on his skateboard around the kitchen.  We practiced spelling words by throwing the ball up against the wall with every letter.

As a model student (read as addicted rule-follower), these methods nearly drove me crazy.  I tried hard to get him to sit up while he read, to just sit still and finish the math problem. Guess who won?  He did. Honestly, I did too because I learned to teach him (and many other students) in a way that reached their brain. That’s the point after all!

Fast-forward 10 years. We’ve been doing this jungle thing for over a year now. There are no malls to shop, theaters showing movies, Superstores needing my company, or desk job requiring me to clock-in and out. Guess what I’ve learned about myself during the long days that often have little to fill them? My hands are itching to “do something.”  I dream of my hands dancing over piano keys as they used to so many years ago.  I ache to learn to strum a guitar. I spend hours making bracelets, aprons, and any other craft I can pin on Pinterest. If I’m not crafting, I’m in the kitchen baking, cooking, chopping, sautéing, or frying up something.

I love working with my hands. Guess that’s where my SoccerAce got his need to learn as he moves. While this information may seem a little unimportant, as a former teacher, I can assure you that it is not!

Do you even know your basic learning style?  Do you wonder why your brain doesn’t seem to grasp things during a business meeting or a church service?  Wish you could just find a way to stimulate your mind?  Wonder why you can study for hours and still remember very little? Well, if you figured out your learning style, you could be well on your way to becoming a better learner – no matter your age.

Follow this link to discover  your learning style. You might even discover why you do things the way you do. Maybe it will explain why your spouse never completes their “honey-do” list.  Got kids?  Let them take the test themselves and then learn together better ways for them to approach academics and many other things in their life. And if need be, let them do their homework while hanging upside down. At least their learning!

Let me know the results after you take the test and if it explains any lingering questions you’ve had about yourself:)


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