noun – a pleasing view, esp. one seen through a long, narrow openingphoto


The Vista: From My Room with a View

Blue skies,
cotton swathed clouds,
six-shade verdant trees,

a discarded toilet,
aimless chickens,
rusty metal roofs,
wiring mazes of electrical complexity,

contemplative old man picture-framed by his window,
laundry line loaded with whites and darks,
bumbling Basset dancing with butterflies,

All sun-drenched in light.



2 thoughts on “vista

  1. Harry Cobb

    I have learned a new word today. Looked it up and found that “verdant” means; covered with vegetation; Covered with green growth. This blog is short and to the point and caused me to increase my vocabulary with another word from a beautiful and picturesque vista.

  2. Jill

    Only you could make something so simple and quaint sound so complex and grand. i actually had to look up the word “verdant.” love you! 🙂


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