Letter to a Father

photoWhen you’re a young girl, you don’t see the hidden parts of fatherhood. You only see the curfew-enforcer, boyfriend-inspector, clothing-objector, bank-teller side of a father. It takes a few years to truly appreciate the profound traits of a father. Not every man has these traits; not every father bestows his gift of unconditional love on his children. But mine did and one day I stopped to put those feelings to paper. It came out something like this:





what I remember of you:

not power yielded from a fierce hand,

or Fortune gained with a keen mind,

or Glory bestowed on a strong body:

But rather

Guidance from a generous hand

Discipline wrought with a discerning mind,

Devotion measured in tireless footsteps

down a narrow path.

Mostly remembering

a Heart that sought after your Father God.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You truly are the BEST!




1 thought on “Letter to a Father

  1. Jill

    This one made me cry. I’d like to encourage everyone to hug their dad really tightly and tell them how much they are loved and appreciated every chance that they get. I’d do anything to be able to do that with my dad just one more time.


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