Making the Ugly Sound Pretty

images-2Last night as I climbed into bed,  my pre-sleep thoughts conjured creative phrases and language that would make Shakespeare proud and lead me to this epiphany.

Transition is the good-looking older brother of the unwanted red-headed stepchild Change. (No offense to my red-head friends.)

Very few people like change, but all of us are forced into it quite often. Experts like to refer to it as a “time of transition” like the experience will be orderly and well-supervised, healthy even. But we all know the truth: it’s CHANGE and change is DIFFICULT, and MESSY, and UNCOMFORTABLE, even when accepted with deep faith.

I have plenty of experience with “transition.” In fact, our family has “transitioned” 5 times in the last 4 years! The last one has been a doozy full of  questions, tears, and grief. Although each of these transitions have been difficult, they have one thing in common. Each has sent my brain into a cacophony of thoughts incapable of finding an underlying melody. In turn, my blogging posts suffer from this inability to string coherent – much less encouraging — thoughts together. A few months pass,  the family settles into our new life, and my brain starts to sort out what it has learned during the chaos of change. Suddenly, I have things to say, encouragement to give, experiences to share, and funny stories to tell.

So here I am again ready to share all that life has brought me: the good, the bad, and the ugly. For the past few months, I’ve wrestled to translate my life into words. Some days I came out the champion; others I ran for the bench. The latter allowed me to spend time reading great books (all of which I plan on sharing with you). The former developed into posts soon to be shared.

Thanks to each of you, my faithful blog friends. You are the reason I can never truly leave the keyboard and be content. We all have a story to tell, and so I will pick up where I left off – somewhere in the middle.

What is the most difficult, messy, or uncomfortable part of “transition” for you?


1 thought on “Making the Ugly Sound Pretty

  1. Jill

    I’m so excited that you’re baaaaaack! I’ve so missed your posts, and this one reminds me why. i’m always in awe of your writing prowess, and I can’t wait to hear all the great stories. As for me, i hate transition because of my huge fear of the unknown. I’m a planner. I want a schedule, a list that can be checked off and results at the end of the day. Oh how I wish I could be a free spirited wanderer who takes whatever comes my way and finds the wonder in surprises.


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