On a Need to Know Basis (And you need to know this)

Build your ebook library at a discount

Build your ebook library at a discount

I am about to reveal two bits of info. One I have known for a while and didn’t share (sorry). The other I discovered on Friday and can’t wait to share.

Here they are in no particular order. (I mean there’s only 2 things so it’s not like we’ve got to prioritize.)


1. Bookbub

While leading a missions team in Ecuador, I often met fellow book lovers. Boy, did we have a lot to talk about. They shared great reads with me, and I often gave them long reading list of my favs before they left. In one of those conversations, I learned about BookBub, which is basically an email service that alerts you to discounted and free books based on your reading interests. There’s no purchasing requirement. It’s a free service that sends a single email each day listing electronic versions of books available for discounted prices. I’ve got a collection of about 10 books on my Kindle that I obtained through BookBub waiting to be read. (Interpretation: when I finish one book, there’s another waiting on me. Booklover heaven, I say. )

2. Surprise Party

While pursuing my daily reads of various bloggers, I came across this Saturday Night Live video. While many of SNL’s skits tend to lean toward the inappropriate side, this one did not. I have to say that I was laughing so hard that my husband kept checking to see if I was okay. The comedic talent of Kristen Wiig is spectacular. Watching this video goes along with one my life mottos: “Pizza can never have too much cheese and life can never have too much laughter.” Enjoy and let me know if you laughed as hard as I did!


Found anything good or funny you’d like to share?  Leave a comment and let us know.


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