Weekend Getaway

Tis the weekend for love, so spend some time sharing just how much you love — not just your Valentine —  but all the important people in your life.  Today’s post is my Valentine to you, my faithful readers.

Ponder this about real romance . . .

VDay Quote


Mull over these blogs by Ann Voskamp sharing the truth about real love . . .

How Real People Make Shades of Real Love

How to Make a Marriage Better than 1000 Love Songs


Turn up the volume . . .


Looking for a soundtrack to go along with this love weekend. Check out Dave Barnes new CD Hymns for Her.  It’s been on replay at the house and I love the real-life lyrics about real-life love not just the Happily-Ever-After stuff of fairy tales.



Linger in laughter . . .

Nothing makes life with your Valentine sweeter than sharing a little laughter.  Not only is Dave Barnes an amazing singer/songwriter, but he is absolutely hysterical.  Check out his videos promoting the new CD.  I’ve laughed together with everyone in the family – and watched them more than once!

SportsBall Guy

Business Guy

Music Guy


Cook up some sweet love (in the kitchen) . . .


(click image to find recipe)




(click image to find recipe)

(click image to find recipe)






















Finally, meditate on this . . .

Love Verse


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