Stepping Out

MLK First Step quoteYesterday, I took a step on a road God’s been calling me to for a while: I wrote entry #1 in a memoir tracing our family’s missions journey. It was only four paragraphs long and not my best writing — an insignificant thing, I thought. Until an hour later.

Just one hour after I wrote this entry, I stumbled upon this verse from Zechariah 4:10: “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.” The Lord is rejoicing right now because I tapped out some words on a blank page. More than that, He’s thrilled that I chose to obey even in the smallest of ways. It occurred to me that nothing good I’ve ever done for God happened in one giant moment of success; it was a series of insignificant moments that often no one ever witnessed. It was days of discipline in the face of I-don’t-wannas. It was a mountain built by stones of ordinary moments.

A friend came to mind as I meditated on this scripture. She called a few months ago to share what God had asked her to do – become a worship leader. She was terrified to start. But that week, while sick, she took a step and auditioned for the worship team.

Was she excited at the prospect of singing with a raspy, scratchy voice? No. Did she want to look silly or untalented in front of a well-practiced singer and musician? No! But she did want to obey God. So she took one step.

Even though my friend isn’t belting out solos for the world to applaud, she has continued to take small steps in obedience to God’s call. Her hesitant strides have kept her dependent on God, but she’s also found the peace that obedience brings.

Many of us — in this exact moment — know God has asked us to do something. I can almost guarantee He’s not asked us to complete the same job. God’s not looking for those who can achieve GREAT things for Him in the moments when everyone is watching. He is desperately seeking followers who spend their days making one choice that leads them obediently in His purpose. He’s looking for those who don’t despise small beginnings, but relish them.

 What’s God asking you to begin today?


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