Say it With Me . . .


Our apartment in Ecuador which sat right above the agriculture store that sold chickens. Ahhh, the smell is still with me.

Today I had two options after sending the kids off to school: get back in bed and forget about today’s worries or drag a lawn chair out in the sunshine and spend some time soaking up the sun and Son.

I’m not going to lie, the past two weeks have been rough. I’ve had to repeat to myself over and over, “I trust you God.”  Here’s a small tidbit of what my prayers have been focused around.  Our apartment lease is up on April 29th.  Today is April 13th. Currently, we have no where to live after the lease ending date. Needless to say, I keep thinking of scenarios that involve us sleeping in our car until we can find a place to live. None of my thought processes have been pretty, but they have all lead me back to one thing: praying “God, I trust you.”

This morning as I pondered what today’s post should be about, I really thought about writing: Some days you just have nothing to say. But in all honestly, I did have something to say, and I just wasn’t sure I should say it. I like being in control and following a plan when it revolves around important life issues — say like, a place to live. But the past four — soon to be five– times we have moved, we have had very little control over our home options. All of the others turned out just fine, so why can’t I relax and realize that this one will too?!

I wouldn’t call myself a worry-wart as much as I would label myself a control-enthusiast. I tend to be fairly adaptable but always prefer to have a plan in place just in case. Somehow God has ordered my life as one that RARELY goes to plan. But in every situation, He has proved himself faithful and His plan always works out. (Notice I said His plan, not mine.)


Loading up the moving van and heading out for the next part of our missions journey in July 2014.

I’ve actually asked God this past week how long I was going to have to keep learning this “trust” lesson. I’ve grown a little weary of it – that’s being honest. But I realize that every time I trust and quit trying to work things out on my own, God does a miracle. When He does a miracle, I have a chance to share his goodness with someone. Ultimately, isn’t this the point?

So today, this post is my jumping off the cliff into God’s care in a public way. I know I will post in a few weeks about how we are settling in our new place and loving it. That it was way beyond what I hoped for. So this time around, I’m learning to speak my trust aloud and letting it fill the holes in my mind and heart that want to freak out.

Want to join me today? I know all of us are facing circumstances that are out of our control. Circumstances that have no human resolution. Circumstances that are causing deep hurt and pain. So let’s just say it aloud together: “God, I trust you.” And let it sink into our soul.




3 thoughts on “Say it With Me . . .

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  3. Jill

    I can most definitely relate to this. I’m learning to say, “God, I trust you” every minute of every day, also. God is always faithful, and I look forward to hearing the testimony of his provision for you all yet again. And I love the pics! 😊


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