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Letter to a Father

photoWhen you’re a young girl, you don’t see the hidden parts of fatherhood. You only see the curfew-enforcer, boyfriend-inspector, clothing-objector, bank-teller side of a father. It takes a few years to truly appreciate the profound traits of a father. Not every man has these traits; not every father bestows his gift of unconditional love on his children. But mine did and one day I stopped to put those feelings to paper. It came out something like this:





what I remember of you:

not power yielded from a fierce hand,

or Fortune gained with a keen mind,

or Glory bestowed on a strong body:

But rather

Guidance from a generous hand

Discipline wrought with a discerning mind,

Devotion measured in tireless footsteps

down a narrow path.

Mostly remembering

a Heart that sought after your Father God.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad! You truly are the BEST!





noun – a pleasing view, esp. one seen through a long, narrow openingphoto


The Vista: From My Room with a View

Blue skies,
cotton swathed clouds,
six-shade verdant trees,

a discarded toilet,
aimless chickens,
rusty metal roofs,
wiring mazes of electrical complexity,

contemplative old man picture-framed by his window,
laundry line loaded with whites and darks,
bumbling Basset dancing with butterflies,

All sun-drenched in light.