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Wednesday Reads: "landmark" edition

Giveaway winners: Linda Walker and Sandra Denton.
Congrats to you both and thanks for entering:)

noun an event, discovery, or change marking an important stage or turning point in something

A wise pastor once told me to pay attention to the markers, the landmarks, that God has used in my life. That there are moments splashed against infinity that would forever alter who I am and what God wanted to do in my life. He reminded me that those moments aren’t necessarily the unforgettable ones and certainly not always the happy ones.

Over six years ago, I started praying for the chance to write full-time. I will admit that when I started praying for this, my doubt level was high.  I knew what it took to keep a household of four running, and with a husband in ministry, a two-income household is practically required. I told Keith of my desire, so  we made a promise that by the time I was 40-years-old, my career would consist of writing, writing, and writing.

I’m living my 40th year and today I sit with my computer doing exactly what I had prayed about  six years ago. The funny part is that I write from a country thousands of miles from home — definitely not what I had planned when I uttered that prayer. But that’s how God works — He hears our prayers, sets about answering it, but rarely in the way we think it will be answered.  I could produce a long list of prayers prayed and answered over the years.  If we analyzed exactly how I thought they would be answered or how I thought they should be answered, I would have been wrong every time.

Today is a landmark of sorts: this post marks my 100th. While this might seem minimal, it should actually be much higher by now. I started my blog in May of 2008. That means I’ve averaged  25 post per year (a sad statistic). I remember checking the number of posts earlier in my blogging career and wondered if I would ever reach 100, or if I even had enough interesting topics to write 100 posts. God knew I would and he knew exactly where I would write my 100th –from a kitchen table in the middle of the Ecuadorian jungle.

I will celebrate today, not that I’ve reached a blogging milestone, but that God answers prayer. That God honors a heart the wants to use its gifts and talents for Him. I will celebrate the landmarks of God’s constant presence in my life. May you take a moment today and ponder on the moments of your life that have sparked a new course and hurled you toward living all that God has planned for you. May you delight in the prayers that he is answered and smile expectantly at the ones he has yet to answer. Join in on the celebration!

In honor of the 100th post, I’m holding a giveaway. Two entries will have a chance to win either a 

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So very thankful for each and everyone of you who take time to read the blog.  I’ll keep writing. You keep visiting. Thanks again!



wimp – (noun) a weak and cowardly or unadventurous person

No one wants to be called a wimp. However, some people do succumb to the name when faced with a phobia or a life-threatening thrill. On the other hand, I’ve met those people who love a good thrill. We often refer to them as “adrenaline junkies.” They love to sky-dive or bungee jump. Maybe they like fast cars or mountain climbing or repelling. They rise to the challenge whenever they are challenged. Just the mention of wimpdom sends them on the offensive, and they jump to conquer any dare.

Renee Swope mentions in her book A Confident Heart about moving from wimp to warrior in our Christian walk. Obviously, that sounds powerful and noble, but what does that mean.  I was glad when she challenged us to not only call out the wimpy things in our faith but to voice what it would mean to be a warrior in that same area of our lives.

For example, let’s say you are a wimp in the area of finances.  You have trouble not only paying your tithes faithfully, but you never give an offering above and beyond that tithe amount.  Now, picture yourself as a warrior in this area.  What would being a financial warrior look like?  Give specifics.  Maybe it would be paying tithes faithfully for the next four months and then adding on an offering the next 4 months. Finally, you could continue to make additions until you were a true warrior in this spiritual discipline.

Romans 8:37 reminds us that we “are more than conquerors through Him who loves” us. Now, I’m not saying you should approach this warrior status without consulting God.  We might need a little guidance in the area of what it really looks like to be a warrior in a specific area of our faith. Pray first. Ask God to reveal the area of wimpiness, ask for forgiveness, and then request direction on how to become a warrior.

Don’t just wait and listen, write it down!  Make a plan to take steps towards warrior-hood. Then maybe share your plan with a friend and ask them to keep you accountable. Then as Nike encourages, “JUST DO IT!”

This is my plan for an area in which I want to become a warrior. I took it straight from a personal journal entry.

God, I want to be a warrior in my writing!  I don’t want to work hard for a month or two and then wimp out.  Using the gift you’ve given me is my spiritual act of worship.  Wimping out is a struggle for me in this area.  To be more than a conqueror as a writer, I will write something everyday. I will submit my work to magazines and publishing companies at least once a month. I will study and grow in my ability on a daily basis. Thank you for just as it says in Psalms 18:35 “your help has made me great!”

Have I stuck with it?  Yep, sure have.  I’m feeling more like a warrior and less like a wimp in this area of my faith walk.  There are others I’m working on too.

Okay, your turn.  Describe an area of your life, or your relationship with God, or your role/job, where you feel like  a wimp.  What would it mean to look like a warrior in that area?  Pray, write it out, and then make a plan to become more than a conqueror. Share it here if you can!