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Making the Ugly Sound Pretty

images-2Last night as I climbed into bed,  my pre-sleep thoughts conjured creative phrases and language that would make Shakespeare proud and lead me to this epiphany.

Transition is the good-looking older brother of the unwanted red-headed stepchild Change. (No offense to my red-head friends.)

Very few people like change, but all of us are forced into it quite often. Experts like to refer to it as a “time of transition” like the experience will be orderly and well-supervised, healthy even. But we all know the truth: it’s CHANGE and change is DIFFICULT, and MESSY, and UNCOMFORTABLE, even when accepted with deep faith.

I have plenty of experience with “transition.” In fact, our family has “transitioned” 5 times in the last 4 years! The last one has been a doozy full of  questions, tears, and grief. Although each of these transitions have been difficult, they have one thing in common. Each has sent my brain into a cacophony of thoughts incapable of finding an underlying melody. In turn, my blogging posts suffer from this inability to string coherent – much less encouraging — thoughts together. A few months pass,  the family settles into our new life, and my brain starts to sort out what it has learned during the chaos of change. Suddenly, I have things to say, encouragement to give, experiences to share, and funny stories to tell.

So here I am again ready to share all that life has brought me: the good, the bad, and the ugly. For the past few months, I’ve wrestled to translate my life into words. Some days I came out the champion; others I ran for the bench. The latter allowed me to spend time reading great books (all of which I plan on sharing with you). The former developed into posts soon to be shared.

Thanks to each of you, my faithful blog friends. You are the reason I can never truly leave the keyboard and be content. We all have a story to tell, and so I will pick up where I left off – somewhere in the middle.

What is the most difficult, messy, or uncomfortable part of “transition” for you?